Local Association Developlment Committee

As part of your MPA membership, you are enrolled in a local association, to build relationships with those in your area of the state, advancing the pharmacy profession. The map below identifies the active local associations across the state. You are allowed to affiliate with the local association of your choice, however if you do no select a local, MPA will match you to the local association closest to your residence. 

Michigan Pharmacists Association depends heavily upon its local associations to call attention to issues which demand review at the state level, to provide input on issues and to assist in carrying out programs developed to deal with the issues affecting pharmacy.

The local association system helps to achieve state and local strength by unification of programs, improved communications and stronger professional representation at the state level.

Local associations are also given special recognition, services and privileges. Each local association is granted recognition status in the MPA House of Delegates. In addition, compliant local associations also receive operational funding for each MPA member in the local association.

Anyone that is a member of the Michigan Pharmacists Association (MPA) is automatically a member of the local association of their choice, which includes the Capital Area Pharmacists Association.  If you are not already a member of MPA, it's easy to sign up.  Just follow the link below to MPA's website. 

Join MPA! 

Why join MPA?
MPA is THE state pharmacy professional organization.  Membership in the MPA comes with numerous benefits, some of which are listed below: 
Receive pharmacy news and updates
  • Opportunities for continuing education 
  • Pharmacy practice solutions 
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Local organization membership
  • Support to help you maximize your effectiveness as a practitioner 

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Political Action Committee

Pharmacy PAC is an important advocate promoting a pharmacy-friendly legislative agenda. Participating in the legislative process by providing contributions to candidates who support pharmacy legislation is vital to the success of public health initiatives. A politically active and aware membership in Pharmacy PAC is vital to ensuring pharmacists’ professional interests are represented.  Click on the link above to read about Pharmacy PAC, including the Annual Report.
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